eXL-lent Features

  • Small Class Size: 4 to 8 students per class means that each student receives the individual attention they need to achieve and succeed.
  • Language-Based Group Instruction: Vocabulary development and comprehension frames each class to better ensure learning success.
  • Daily instruction in Reading Mastery (Direct Instruction) more info
  • Skill- and Ability-Focused Individual Student Instruction: Daily, each student receives the individual instruction, attention and monitoring needed for learning success. Classes are modified to suit the learning needs and goals of each student. Separate, quiet learning environments allow for 1-to-1 teacher-student sessions.
  • Family-Focused Homework Policy: As eXL students work through longer classes than their public and separate school board counterparts, almost all class work is completed throughout the academic day. Therefore, daily homework is not given to students, leaving more time for family and friends after school. Students are assigned projects that are partially completed at home. This allows parents to participate in their child’s learning and it allows students to improve their time management skills.
  • Computer Lab: Daily labs provide development in foundational processing skills. Word processing and Internet safety are also important parts of the computer curriculum. Students use a combination of PCs and laptops to become familiar with both.
  • Consistent Communication with Parents through:
    • Daily Communication Journal noting academic and behaviour achievement and effort
    • Detailed, Standard Ministry of Education Report Cards
    • Regular Parent-Teacher Meetings and Parent Information Nights