eXL Subjects

Core Subjects

  • Literacy: reading skills and strategies, reading comprehension, spelling, writing
  • Mathematics: number concepts, computation facts and math applications
  • Science: Hands-on exploration of the physical world
  • Physical Education and Health: sports skills, healthy living and development guidelines
  • Fine Art: visual art and drama


Supplementary School Subjects uniquely designed by the eXL inter-disciplinary team of Educators & Therapists

  • Language Skills: Language Concepts, Functions and Applications required for language development; the foundation of academic, social and life-skills development
  • Learning Skills and Strategies: including Listening Skills, Memory Skills and Strategies, Visual-Motor Development, Fine Motor Development, Oral Presentations, Research Skills, Time Management, Organization, Study Skills & Test Preparation
  • Social Skills: Age-Appropriate Social Behaviours and Problem-Solving Strategies
  • Exploring My World: combines Social Studies, History and Geography into a class designed to answer questions students have about themselves, their families, their communities and their world
  • Computer Lab: Auditory and Visual Processing, Memory, Subject-Specific Skills Development, Keyboarding, Word Processing


 Transition Skills

Through structured transition times between classes, students learn to seamlessly transition between tasks, subjects and instructors – a required skill for school and life-long success.