Educational Services

Our Team

eXL provides clients and their families with a team that is well-trained and experienced in assessment, programming and intervention. Supervising psychologists are available.

With an emphasis on special-needs learning, our team consists of Educators, Speech-Language Pathologists and Behaviour Therapists, for students with special learning needs.

  • Standardized Academic Assessments
  • Testing for Academics, Learning Skills & Strategies
  • Subject-specific tutoring for students K to Grade 12
    • i.e., Reading, Writing, Spelling, Mathematics
  • Grade 9 Math Test Preparation
  • Grade 10 Literacy Test Preparation
  • Learning Skills and Strategies instruction and coaching
    • i.e., Study Skills, Test Preparation, Organization, Time Management
  • Educational Consulting
    • i.e., Family support through the IPRC process, IEP/IPP writing and review

 Standardized Academic Assessments

Using standardized testing tools (which provide families with age, grade and percentile rankings of their child’s academic performance, in each subject area), an individual student profile is developed. The Academic Assessment process sets baselines for the student’s level of academic performance, learning style and personality dynamics. Knowing individual student strengths and area(s) of weakness better ensures their success.

Students in regular services or the eXL school are re-assessed regularly to ensure progress and achievement. Results of all testing are reported to parents verbally and in writing.

Subject-specific Tutoring

We specialize in reading, writing, spelling, and math tutoring for individual students with special learning needs.

Grade 9 Math Test Preparation and Grade 10 Literacy Test Preparation

Along with the subject-specific skills that require development, students also learn the study skills and test preparation skills needed for test success. Students are presented with the practice testing materials that they will encounter in these required High School tests. Working and re-working test examples will allow the student to not only progress and learn, but also become familiar with the actual test format and structure, thereby alleviating tension and fear of the unknown.

Learning Skills and Strategies

eXL offers explicit instruction in study skills, test preparation, organization, time management, memory strategies, etc. A must for the student who shows a greater potential for learning than their report cards would indicate. Students with low personal motivation would also benefit from explicit instruction in this area.

Educational Consulting

Often, families need help through the often overwhelming process of getting their children effective support within the public or separate school system. A knowledgeable and experienced member of the eXL team will attend an IPRC meeting, IEP/IPP review meeting or team meeting to re-evaluate or modify a student’s current curriculum. We also develop IEP/IPPs and provide programming support for students who are challenged in areas of academic development.

NOTE – eXL Educators may consult with in-house Speech & Language Pathologists and Behaviour Therapists to ensure the comprehensive care of each student.