Speech & Language Services

Our Team

Speech-Language Pathology services help individuals to improve their communication skills. Our Speech-Language Pathologists (S-LP’s) are registered practitioners in the College of Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists of Ontario (CASLPO).

Our Communicative Disorders Assistants (CDA’s) work under the supervision of our SLP’s to provide 1:1 and small-group therapy.

  • eXL provides clients and their families with a team that is well-trained and experienced in assessment, programming and intervention. Supervising psychologists are available.
  • With an emphasis on special-needs learning, our team consists of Educators, Speech-Language Pathologists and Behaviour Therapists, for students with special learning needs.
  • Standardized Speech-Language Assessments
  • Early Intervention
  • Fluency
  • Pre-literacy and literacy skills
  • Speech Development
    • Articulation
    • Phonology
    • Motor-Speech Skills
  • Language Development
  • Social-Conversational Skills
  • Classroom Support
  • Parent Consultation
  • Caregiver Training
  • Bee-Ready Preschool speech and language group

Formal Speech-Language Assessments

Prior to beginning therapy, each client receives a comprehensive speech and language assessment administered by an experienced and CASLPO-registered Speech and Language Pathologist. Based on the results of the testing, an individual therapy program may be developed.

Early Intervention

One in ten children has speech and language difficulties. Without early identification and treatment, these children are at risk for lifelong learning, emotional and behavioural difficulties. Be pro-active and consider speech and language stimulation in the early years to reduce these risks! (Early language development groups are also available, see “Groups”)

Speech Development

Providing therapy in Articulation, Phonology and Motor-Speech Skills.

Language Development

Providing therapy.

Total/Augmentative Communication

Establishing and practicing augmentative forms of communication. Our eXL Speech-Language team work with Augmentative Communication Specialists (e.g. Holland Bloorview) to design and implement aud-com devices and programs.

Social-Conversational Skills

Providing age- and ability-appropriate skills and problem solving strategies (Social skills groups are also available, see “Groups)

Classroom Support

Consultation to teachers and Educational Assistants around the support required for learning

Parent Consultation

Providing parents with support around the development of their child’s Speech, Language and Social Communication skills and abilities

Caregiver Training

Providing caregivers (in related fields) with strategies to assist children with Speech, Language and Social Communication Skills.

NOTE – When required, eXL Speech-Language Pathologists may consult with in-house Education Specialists and Behaviour Therapist when developing a comprehensive client program.

* Costs for Speech-Language Services may often be billed through private insurance companies.