Exceptional Learning Centre (eXL):

Provides excellence in Education, Tutoring, Speech & Language Therapy, and Behaviour Therapy (ABA/IBI) for children and youth with unique learning needs.

Provides clients and their families with a team of Educators, Speech-Language Pathologists, and Behaviour Therapists who are well-trained and experienced in assessment, programming, and intervention.

Emphasizes integrating current and proven teaching methodologies and therapies, ensuring the best quality service is delivered, in the most effective manner.

Provides each client with the individual attention and support needed to develop their maximum potential.

eXL Private Elementary School (K – Grade 8)

Year-round Enrollment!

eXL students have one thing in common – learning was stressful and difficult in their previous academic environment. They are students who benefit from:

  • A small-group placement with focused individual support to help further develop individual areas of need
  • Teachers with expertise in program development & modification and experience in working with students with a range of learning needs
  • A curriculum that not only focuses on the mastery of academic skills, but also integrates explicit instruction in “soft skills” (i.e., social skills, learning skills and strategies, language skills)
  • Lessons that consist of hands-on, interactive student learning
  • A child-parent-teacher team approach to help identifying and solve challenges as soon as they arise

To inquire about or register for a placement in our private school, call 905.686.4800
Location – 520 Westney Road South, Ajax   map