ABA/IBI Behaviour Therapy

ABA / IBI Behaviour Therapy

ABA / IBI behaviour therapy is a treatment method that has been clinically proven to help children learn. ABA / IBI uses the scientific principles of behaviour analysis to teach children socially relevant skills.  Skills are broken down into their simplest components and taught in a step-by-step progression. Gains made through ABA / IBI therapy are most often long-lasting and provide the foundation required for life-long learning and social success.

While behaviour therapy is often used with children who have an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) diagnosis, it is also an effective and appropriate treatment and method of teaching for children diagnosed with anxiety disorders, attention deficit disorders, developmental delays, and more.


ABA stands for Applied Behaviour Analysis. ABA is defined as a method of teaching socially relevant skills using the scientific principles of behaviour analysis. A comprehensive ABA program will target a number of skills simultaneously whereas a focused ABA program will focus on 1-2 skills.

IBI stands for Intensive Behaviour Intervention. IBI is a form of ABA that is considered “intensive” specifically in terms of the number of hours of therapy a child receives.

ABA / IBI should be delivered by behaviour therapists who are highly trained in behaviour analysis and supervised by BCBAs or Psychologists with specific training in ABA.

Some of the areas most often addressed within an ABA / IBI program include:

• Attention Skills
• Imitation Skills
• Receptive & Expressive Language
• Pre-Academic & Academic Skills
• School Readiness Skills
• Gross & Fine Motor Skills
• Play & Social Skills
• Self-Help Skills
• Transition Skills
• Toiletting Skills
• Decrease of Inappropriate Behaviours

eXL Behaviour Therapists:

eXL’s behaviour therapy program is managed and supervised by our Clinical Director who is a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) and has several years of experience working in the fields of ABA and teaching. We also have supervising Clinical Psychologists and BCBA-D available.

eXL’s team of behaviour therapists includes highly trained and experienced Senior Therapists and Instructor Therapists.

Intake Process for ABA

  1. Email info@exlcentre.com for more information or to schedule a tour and intake meeting with the Executive Director
  2. Parent intake meeting with Executive Director
  3. Child intake meeting / screening assessment with Clinical Director or Senior Therapist
  4. Proposal meeting with clinical recommendations for services
  5. Child registration and enrolment