ABA/IBI Therapy

Applied Behaviour Analysis/
Intensive Behaviour Intervention

ABA/IBI is a treatment method that has been clinically proven to help children learn. Skills are broken down into their simplest components and taught in a step-by-step progression. Gains made through ABA/IBI therapy are most often long-lasting and provide the foundation required for life-long learning and social success.

Areas most often addressed within an ABA/IBI program are:

• Attention Skills
• Imitation Skills
• Receptive & Expressive Language
• Pre-Academic & Academic Skills
• School Readiness Skills
• Gross & Fine Motor Skills
• Play & Social Skills
• Self-Help Skills
• Transition Skills
• Toiletting Skills
• Decrease of Inappropriate Behaviours

Programs are ideal for children diagnosed with:

• Asperger’s
• Autism
• Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS)
• Rhett’s Syndrome

Note: Behaviour intervention utilizing ABA-based strategies are also appropriate for children diagnosed with:

• Anxiety Disorders
• Attention Deficit Disorders (ADD/ADHD)
• Brain Injury
• Developmental Delays
• Down Syndrome
• Learning Disabilities
• Oppositional Defiance Disorder (ODD)
• Tourette’s Syndrome Service

Therapy Locations:

  • In an eXL Centre (Ajax, Ontario)
  • In your child’s Daycare (with permission)
  • In your child’s School (with permission)
  • At home

eXL Professional Behaviour Therapists:

eXL’s programs are administered by members of our well-trained and experienced ABA therapy team. eXL Behaviour Therapists have excellent educational credentials and are trained to work with the individual child, the family and others involved in the care and development of the child. All of our therapists have undergone police and employment screenings and intensive theoretical and practical training.

eXL Behaviour Therapists work with in-house Speech & Language Pathologists and Education Specialists. In addition, eXL will also work with out-of-centre allied professionals involved in the care and development of the child to provide continuity of care and overall program success.

Fee Structure:

ABA/IBI Therapy is a contracted service. Fees will depend on the type and frequency of services. An individual therapy plan, including fees, will be provided to each family during the entry and assessment process. For general information regarding fees, please contact the eXL office.